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FE #239240 / Neuer cargo support-Updater

1. Updater installation

Download updater from ftp

Extract files:

Double-click on Updater

Check port and installation path and install:

Click “Ja”/”Yes”:

After installation (only takes few seconds) is completed click “Fertig”:

Updater is installed in the specified path: click on “Updater”:

Updater interface opens: click on the blue box:

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Window opens: Select “Main.Server”. If you are using the depot click also on “Depot.Server” (both programmes will be combined soon).

Click on “Zuweisen”: this takes a few seconds

Colours indicate that updater is processing:

Green colour when it is completed:

Current and new version:

2. Start updater

Serach for new version.

Start update: press on button “Update ausführen”

Left side shaded grey when updater is running: colours + text on the right side indicate the progress:

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Additional more detailed info in the log at the bottom of the window:

Update is completed when everthing is green and the new version number is shown:

Complete updates takes around 15 minutes (depending on the system performance and update details).

Old programm folders are now put into only 1 folder

3. Open issues technical:

  • not separate depot + main update

  • automatic update (yes / no) + update start time

4. Open issues organizational

  • Deinstall old Update server + agent

  • Consolidate names

    • cs-Updater

    • cs.appserver

    • csWEB.Server

    • C3server

  • Block old login page

  • Consolidate folder names:

  • Inform customers: see Excel file:

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